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Britain’s tallest building opens to public

The tallest building in Britain, the Shard greeted public visitors on February 1.

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Birth tourism industry on the roll in the U.S.

Birth tourism has become a lucrative industry in the Unites States.

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Egypt tourism steps up effort to woo tourists

The revolution in Egypt earlier detered foreign tourists from visiting the country. Now Egypt has stepped up effort to woo tourists to boost the ailing tourism sector in the country. In a significant stepforward the Egyptian government has reopened one of its great pyramids- the Pyramid of Chefren and as many as six other ancient […]

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Cubans eager to try new law easing travel rules

The overhaul of Cuba’s decades-old migratory law, announced three months ago, eliminates the much-detested exit visa known as the “white card” and is perhaps the most highly anticipated of a series of reforms initiated under President Raul Castro. Observers predict it will result in only a modest initial increase in trips by Cubans, who must […]

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Benefit of Cuba’s double currency system

Cuba has a double currency system. To get the benefit of this double currency system one must get employment in the tourism Industry. The recent economic reform in Cuba is also encouraging people to seek employment in private sector. People who are earlier employed with the government organizations are now joining tourism related industry to […]

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