Yemen has put the bad times behind it and is looking forward to more tourism growth in 2013.

The year 2011 was a tough one for the country but it now sees itself emerging and showing good potential.

“While 2011 was a bad year for us, we will successfully emerge,” Yaseen Al-Eshawee, marketing officer for Yemen Tourism told Travel News Digest at the Arabian Travel Market. “2012 saw growth and 2013 will also show a growth in tourism,” he said.

“We are taking part in major trade events this year and hope also to expand into the India market to make our presence bigger,” he said. “The India market is huge,” he added. “We would want just a small part of it!”

The country is focusing its promotional efforts on four major sectors: nature, eco-tourism, adventure and historical, Al-Eshawee said.

He also dispelled any security concerns travellers may have.

“Yemen is a very safe and very friendly country,” he said.

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